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Are you looking for top quality office cleaning service in Melbourne and Brisbane? At Dial a cleaning (1800CLEANING) we promise you a pristine office, which will display your integrity towards your business even before your clients/customers check out your actual product or service.

Our office cleaning prices in Melbourne and Brisbane

Maintaining a clean and sanitary office environment is a mandatory requirement for any commercial business today. Beyond providing a safe and healthy place of work for your employees, the cleanliness of your office is also a marked reflection of your business for clients, colleagues and visitors.

Benefits of hiring professional office cleaners

We all like to see a fresh and clean office when we turn up for work in the morning. Cleanliness is inviting and a main motivational factor for higher output from employees. As workers, we spend the majority of our time in the office. So, to make it a pleasant environment for employers, employees, clients and visitors,it needs to be kept as clean as possible!

Here is where our service can be handy for you. Our office cleaning team is trained, experienced and have an eye for detail. We fit in to any time you need which suits you. Our flexibility will allow you to keep your office clean without disturbing your working hours.

Our office cleaners are trained in handling the work stations so they will not be of any disturbance to any unfinished work on office tables.

Our office cleaning procedures follow a safe practice to achieve optimum results with minimum disturbance.
Our field supervisions will ensure the quality of the work.

We can customize the cleaning to your needs.

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