Tile and Grout cleaning

Tile and Grout cleaning Melbourne and Brisbane

At Dial a cleaning (1800CLEANING), we provide tile and grout cleaning throughout Melbourne and Brisbane suburbs to restore your tile and grout to look brand new!

What is Tile and Grout cleaning service?

Over a period of time, the grout in between your tiles become dirty and loses its original color. Overtime, the tiles also lose their gloss. Mopping or steam mopping the tiles doesn’t clean this thoroughly, instead it leaves behind dirt in the grout.

Cleaning grout with a high pressure rotary cleaner, with water and industry leading eco friendly cleaning products, will extract the dirt from the grout and clean tiles deeply giving it a fresh new look. This is the purpose of tile and grout cleaning.

We only use less impact chemicals and deodorizers for you and your family’s safety.

Our House cleaning Melbourne and Brisbane teams are available at the frequency you need – weekly, fortnightly or monthly.

TILE AND GROUT Cleaning Melbourne and Brisbane FAQ

I have tiles in my house. Can I get the Tile and Grout cleaning service?
Tile and grout cleaning service is meant for any residential or commercial properties.Whether you have tiles indoors or outdoors, we provide tile and grout cleaning service. It will enhance the look and make your house look fresh and new.
How long will it take for the Tile and grout cleaning service?
It depends on the area which needs to be cleaned. Usually, a normal size house will be done within a day.
Can we clean terracotta?
Yes. Terracotta can be cleaned. In some case If it is not advisable we will inform you not to clean.
Can we clean natural stone?
Yes natural stone can be cleaned.
How much will it cost for Tile and grout cleaning?
It depends on the size of the house or place need to be cleaned. Generally it is $7 to $10 per square meter.

If you need Tile and grout cleaning for your home, office or any commercial establishments, please call us on 1800 253 264 or request a free quote.



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